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Prime Insulated Panel is the largest producer & supplier of Sandwich panels in Qatar. The company’s sandwich panels are exported to all Middle East & North Africa (MENA), GCC and Asian countries.

Prime Insulated panel factory is located in New Industrial Area. The company produces more than 1,500,000 square meters per year. The continuous production process on double conveyor-belt adopted by Khalid Steel is considered as the most innovative process for manufacturing sandwich panels.



Roof Panels

It is a self-supporting double skin roof panel, insulated with polyurethane foam, with a tongue-and-groove joint.

Cold Room Panels

It is a sandwich panel used for walls in cold storage facilities, areas with controlled temperatures and internal divisions.

Industrial Wall Panels

It is a self-supporting metal faced panel insulated with polyurethane foam with a tongue-and-groove joint.

Hidden Screw Wall

It is a self-supporting metal faced panel insulated with polyurethane foam. The joint with a special place for the screw

Our Features

Quick Installation

Installation of the sandwich panels is very easy with the few joints on wide surfaces.

Soud Proof

Sound insulation is a must in order to minimize the harmful effects of noise on humans,

Air & Water Proof

With a watertight structure, sandwich panels ensure active hydro-insulation against natural conditions such as snow and rain, and prevent humidity and mold.


In many types of buildings, you can save up on both building and installation time by selecting the appropriate sandwich panel.

Fire Resistance

If you choose a sandwich panel fit for your building in terms of fire insulation.

Heat Proof

Thermal insulation means reducing the energy spent in winter for warming and in summer for cooling.