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About Us

Prime Insulated Panel Industries is a Qatari based company, specialized in manufacturing and distributing of Sandwich Panel. Our objective is to establish long term relations and strong partnerships with the company customers, reason for which the quality of the services and the customer satisfaction are the principles that guide our daily actiavity.
Our products come from the newest and most modern production line for Sandwich Panels in State of Qatar. This is a 10 million USD investment, with state of the art machinery (Italian Brand) which are among the most modern sandwich panel production facilities in GCC that provides high quality to the company products. With a strategic location in the middle of the GCC, the new production line provides the best costs for the end-product, being the most logical choice.
Prime Insulated Panels Industries produces the entire range of Sandwich panels with polyurethane (PUR) & Polyisocyanurate (PIR). Moreover, it provides best fit and best researched solutions for almost any type of application, using either sandwich Panels or combined products. We proudly carry the leadership flag of sandwich panel production in Qatar with our 60 employees and an annual total production of 3.5 million m² of sandwich panel on our production line at our facility of advanced technology.
Our products include:

• A wide range of eco-friendly products, which can be recycled for building industrial halls.

• Production centers near the market, with prompt delivery.

• Well-motivated and qualified employees who can provide specialized consultancy.

• High quality products at convenient prices.

Innovation has been a main feature of the company since its incorporation and we are currently the most modern and high-performance producer of Sandwich Panel systems in the country: PANEL MASTERS.


Together with the developing production technology and good quality materials, the sandwich panels with high bearing capacity can be manufactured. The bearing capacity depends on the form of the metal surfaces in addition to the density and thickness of the filling material of the panel, and the panels can easily carry the loads that are heavier than their own weights. With this capability, they are preferred as the coating material for the roof and walls of the buildings. In fact, it is the most ideal construction material that can
be applied in all buildings with steel, wood or reinforced concrete construction.

Furthermore, by means of the purlin distances to be increased with an appropriate sandwich panel preference, it is possible to economize from both construction material and the total assembly time. The number of the joint points will reduce in addition to the assembly workmanship of the surface being coated by using the sandwich panels, manufactured in lengths up to 12 meters, in the buildings. With the developed transportation and carriage means, the greater wall and roof surfaces can be coated in a short time,
10 m2/min. assembly time for the walls and 8 m2/min assembly time for the roofs can be used as data. Whilst the sandwich panel does not restrict the volume of the structure or the height of the building, the limit values are determined according to the bearing construction. Although the standard component and limited length opportunities of the sandwich panels, unlimited design opportunities are offered to the designers. The walls gain visual mobility by means of using variable colors or coating the panels in vertical, horizontal or angled positions. Even with the aid of the multi-purposed panels in the interior parts, the design possibilities of the designers improve. The joint details cover the points connected from panel to panel and from panel to the bearing construction. Tight joints that fulfill the insulation functions can be provided through using double lamp-bush form in the wall panels and generally using lamp-bush form in the roof panels as well as using lateral overlay. What is expected from the joint points indeed is the air-tightness, thermal insulation and easy assembly possibility. What is required with easy assembly is the full settlement of the elements to each other without …difficulty. As a result of the performed searches, it has been found out that the panels have 100 times better air-tightness capability than the most qualified windows.

Our Mission

Our work is to provide the building market with technological innovation applied to the insulating panel and guarantee an efficient logistics and an excellent service in the most sustainable way from an environmental, social and economic point of view. We are not only suppliers of building materials, but a reliable partner always able to offer state-of-the-art solutions and grow with our clients. To reach this goal, the commitment and the passion of our staff and of our collaborators are paramount, just like the dialog with our clients, with whom we try to establish solid and lasting relations.